• vmware-nsx-federation

    Cloud Scale Networking

    • Manage your entire network as a single entity while keeping configuration and operational state synchronized across all locations with NSX Global Manager.

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    AWS GovCloud and Azure Government
    • Gain additional capacity and best-in-class security and compliance along with extended visibility and precise control over cloud networking.

    See NSX Cloud Datasheet

    VRF Lite and Layer 3 BGP EVPN
    • Reduce your networking infrastructure footprint while maintaining complete data plane tenant and services isolation within a VRF on the NSX Edge.

    See NSX Data Center datasheet

    Intrinsic Security

    NSX Distributed IDS/IPS
    • Protect east-west traffic in your data center using the context-aware distributed IDS solution that’s now part of the NSX Service-defined Firewall.

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    L7 Edge Firewall Enhancements
    • Enhance your NSX L7 edge firewall with the implementation of URL analysis for URL Classification and Reputation.

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    Distributed Firewall (DFW)
    • NSX-T 3.0 now supports NSX DFW physical workloads for Windows 2016 in addition to existing support for Linux.

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    Networking and Security for Modern Applications

    Networking for vSphere with Kubernetes
    • Unlock a rich set of networking capabilities within vSphere with Kubernetes including distributed switching and routing, firewalling, load balancing, and more.

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    Namespace Isolation and Native Integration with Cluster API
    • Create context-aware security policies with namespace isolation. Cluster APIs allow developers to easily publish and support applications outside within Kubernetes.
    Flexible Deployment Options for Container Networking
    • Use the full breadth of NSX-T networking and security features across VMware vSphere with Kubernetes, VMware Tanzu, upstream Kubernetes, and OpenShift.

    Operational Simplicity

    Converged Virtual Distributed Switch
    • Deploy NSX-T directly on the vSphere Distributed Switch with simplified workflows and management from vCenter.
    Policy Enhancements with Terraform Provider & Ansible Module
    • Extend the use of Terraform Provider and Ansible Modules, two of the most widely used automation tools, for config generation and deployment.

    See Solution brief here

    OpenStack Neutron Enhancements
    • Abstract multiple NSX-T end points and orchestrate the configuration of additional IPv6 features using the NSX-T policy plugin.